Here is the new town I found that my friend is owner of. the hot tub which you will see later was not built in this town. it was built on another map.Town

I Like it when you can have a garden that everyone can take what they want and replant. I also think that when you have a well it gives your town a cooler look.Town   Here is a Hot tub i made for a server I started. I later got rid of the server, but it is still cool.I wish I had built more to the Hot tub, but I am not one of those people who waste half their day playing Minecraft. I am one of those who gets to play every once in a while only.Hot tub  Here is the glowstone mansion it is going to be bigger, but it will probably take a while to make it.

Glow stone

And here is our little farm, i love the smell of fresh pork when I wake up in the morning. Don’t you like it when you can go kill and cook your meat right when you get up?The farm

Minecraft houses ( MY Friend’s Book)

So my friend made some more houses here are a few of them.

Mountainside hut with a lookout tower on the side.mountain side houses

Sunsets over the house in the desert.

my little hut

And here is a mansion in the old days this is what rich people would live in, and they wouldn’t have

Minecraft or computers to spend there time with. (we are so lucky)mansion

Minecraft Enjoyment

Hello World

So, my friend made these and I decided to put them up.

This is the outdoor Spa that is great for your enjoyment.Minecraft Outdoor Spa

And here is the Outdoor room that can be turned into a BBQ.

This is for those who would love to look at the stars while eating bacon.

Or sleep and spend the day doing whatever you want to.

Outdoor Room

There are many different things to do so go out and enjoy yourself.

Minecraft Server Designs

This is part of a server i am making that is not complete but full of awesome designs.


Using many different methods i found on the web I am now making a server that someday will be completed.

minecraft server

If anyone has any Ideas you can leave a comment below.

minecraft server

Most of these designs are easy to recreate, but if you want to make something you don’t understand how to I will break it up in steps for you.

minecraft server

These simple portals can be enlarged so that you can make walls for a building out of them.

minecraft server

Once you get the hang of building these you can see how the are made in the next section which will be step by step preparation.2013-03-04_15.14.37

Sometimes I get bored and don’t know what to do so I just turn off the game and think about different buildings I have been in or seen then I try to recreate them.


One of my friends helped me make this spawn area, it took us half an hour before we actually finished it.


These paths are simple and anyone could make them.


Don’t get discouraged if someone says that your designs don’t look good, because you could end up one day making something that nobody can recreate and it would be your secret on how to make it.


Thank you for reading through this page, I hope you have a fun time being creative.2013-03-04_15.34.01

Minecraft tower Apartments

These are our new tower apartments. they took awhile to make, but it was worth it.

This is an easy design that anyone can copy.

unfinished apartment

You can use wood planks or wooden blocks to make the floors.

unfinished apartment

If you want to you can make the apartments using whatever type of blocks you want, just be creative.

unfinished apartment

If you do choose to use half blocks or planks make sure that they are three blocks above the last one.


Here is a simple hallway to each door using a ladder to get up.

minecraft apartment side

And finally, here is the finished building.

Minecraft apartment front

This is the front of the building which will soon have two doors

minecraft apartment backAnd here is the back of the new apartments.

This is a minecraft server that I was a part of.

The Market

The market place is at the entrance of the town.

The road

This is the road into the town.

If it had minecarts then it would be a lot better.

Mason's House

This I call Mason’s house. It has a really good design.


The Face

This Minecraft face is nice but, I think it needs some work.

What about you?


This is a nice Japanese type design that was made in ‘DragonStone’.

Wooden Tent

This is the workmen’s tent for those who need a job.

Desert House

This is on the outskirt of the town out in the desert.